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Unable to establish TN3270(E) session with host

  • 1.  Unable to establish TN3270(E) session with host

    Posted 05-07-2021 07:25

    I have installed Rocket Passport(BlueZone) in my system.

    After installation I started Rocket TE utility to establish the connection with the host(MVS) but this  asking for the below files.
      (*.zws), (*.zft), (*.ztb), (*.zsc), (*.zhs), (*.zkp)
    But I did not find these files , so I started the "bzmd.exe" from the installed location.
    I need  TN3270 connection, so I set hostname , connection name and tried to connect but with the host.
    I am unable to connect with the host , getting (Unable to establish TN3270(E) session with host) error .

    Please some one help me to connect with MVS server.

    I will appreciate your help.


    Asgher Imam

  • 2.  RE: Unable to establish TN3270(E) session with host

    Posted 05-07-2021 08:27
    Hi Asgher,

    Thank you for reaching out!
    Passport and BlueZone are two different emulation products and have different file names.  (*.zws), (*.zft), (*.ztb), (*.zsc), (*.zhs), (*.zkp) are file extensions used in Passport but since you found bzmd.exe, that means that you have BlueZone (aka RTE). 
    For your connection, please check if you have the entire connection information, such as hostname, IP address, LU name (optional), security settings, etc. This is not information that Rocket Software can provide to you, so you need to get it from within your organization or whoever administers the host(s) you are trying to connect to. Please also check for any VPN requirements.
    If you have the full connection information and you are still experiencing issues, please open a support case, so our support engineers can troubleshoot with you.

    Best regards,

    Vladimir Skobarev