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  • 1.  Guidance Scripting via Windows API

    Posted 10-01-2021 10:55

    Hey All,

    Product that I support can be used to write guidance scripts that will copy / paste data or send static strings of data or key stokes via window api from one application to another for example. A customer of both our companies uses our scripting across many applications, however they've had trouble sending such key strokes into Rockets Web2Host application.

     Our team have engaged with the customer and tested both via our software and even creating a small VB script to send a single key stroke i.e. key 'A' to Rockets Web2Host application however the emulator presentation screen does not accept the value. (We tested both our product and VB script in the likes of notepad and command prompt and these work successfully).

    Wondering if anyone knows of any reason / security / settings that could be preventing the emulation from accepting key strokes via windows api.

    Appreciate any advise you can provide if possible.

    Peter Dunne
    Support Engineer


  • 2.  RE: Guidance Scripting via Windows API

    Posted 10-01-2021 16:11
    Hi Peter,

    There's nothing we specifically "built-in" to BlueZone/Rocket TE Web-to-Host that would prevent this. I would recommend to check, are the two processes running at the same Integrity Level? Low, Medium, High? If not, Windows User Interface Privilege Isolation(UIPI) will block messages from a process running at a lower integrity. A process's integrity level can be effected by user account privilege/context, As User, As Administrator, and the location where the executable file is running, AppData\LocalLow, etc. Also, in web-to-host type applications, there can be additional security in place that may effect interaction from external applications, depending on the mechanism used to open/launch the program from the web browser page, ActiveX, Java Web Start, Open Web Launch, etc. You can check a process's integrity level using Task Manager-Details tab. Does this help? If not, what is the mechanism/web-control being used to launch the Rocket TE session from the web browser?


    Mike Slater
    Software Engineer
    Rocket Software

  • 3.  RE: Guidance Scripting via Windows API

    Posted 11-29-2021 03:35
    Hello Peter,
    I suppose you are using SendKeys method of VB Script or similar. Since this method mimics the keyboard typing to send the keystrokes to the active window, I don't see anything prevents this if the active window is Rocket TE session window before this method is called. Is it possible in your case that the TE window isn't activated and restored yet while this method is called?
    In general, it's recommended to use Rocket TE script object to manage Rocket TE sessions, for example,

    set bzhao = CreateObject("BZWhll.WhllObj")
    'connect to current foreground or the first session or connect to specific session with its HLLAPI short name as parameter
    bzhao.Connect ""        
    bzhao.SendKey "abcd"​

    set bzhao = CreateObject("BZWhll.WhllObj")
    bzhao.ActiveSession.Screen.SendKeys "edfg"     'if there is one session opened​, send the keys

    In addition, both the root object bzhao and ActiveSession object has WindowState property (xMINIMIZED/xNORMAL/xMAXIMIZED) to manage window state.


    Zhi Li
    Rocket Software Inc