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Settings File

  • 1.  Settings File

    Posted 05-07-2021 14:00

    At one of our centers, we want to share the same settings among hundreds of users, using 3270 sessions. We are wanting to map PF7 to the page up key and PF8 to the page down key and Double left click of the mouse to "EDIT::Select Word" function. 

    Is there a way to share a custom set up .zmd like this and share it with others.  We have tried this but the custom keys do not carry over the the other users.  


    Michael Hlusak

  • 2.  RE: Settings File

    Posted 05-07-2021 15:13
    Hi Michael,

    Which BlueZone / Rocket TE product is being used? If Desktop, then yes, you would basically configure your custom keyboards mappings and any other settings as desired, save the settings to the configuration file (File -> Save / Save As...) then push the .zmd configuration file to the other users. Which custom keys are not being carried over? The ones mentioned above? If possible, could you please attach the .zmd configuration file in-question so we can take a look at it?

    Also, which version of BlueZone / Rocket TE are you running (Help -> About BlueZone...)?

    Son Pham

    Son Pham
    Senior Support Engineer
    Rocket Software