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Looking for input on what features Rocket Servergraph should add next!

  • 1.  Looking for input on what features Rocket Servergraph should add next!

    Posted 30 days ago
    Edited by Steve Wright 29 days ago
    At Rocket we always put our Customers first and our whole purpose for existing is to provide tools that our customers love and provide real world value. In that light I'd like to solicit some feedback from Rocket Servergraph users on what should come next with Servergraph in 2021.

    Please list anything you are interested in, that would make your job easier or your day better.

    You can either contact me with feedback directly, or start a conversation with replies below.

    Thanks for your time!​

    Steve Wright
    Product Manager Rocket Servergraph


  • 2.  RE: Looking for input on what features Rocket Servergraph should add next!

    Posted 22 days ago
    Hi. I'd like to see a standard report in Servergraph which can easily show the capacity and utilisation of an IBM Spectrum Protect Cloud Container Storage Pool. Currently, as far as I can tell in Servergraph 9.2, the reports for Cloud Container Pools fail to show any details on the actual capacity or consumption, not even if I create a custom dashboard.

    I believe that Servergraph needs to query the "Cloud Space Allocated (MB)" and "Cloud Space Utilized (MB)" columns in the storagepools table of the SP database. Servergraph should at least make sure all the information gathered by a "q stg" Spectrum Protect admin command are captured. It would also be essential to be able to plot this capacity and consumption over a historical period, much as Servergraph has been able to do for tape libraries.

    Daniel Banche
    CSI Ltd.

  • 3.  RE: Looking for input on what features Rocket Servergraph should add next!

    Posted 21 days ago

    Thanks Daniel! This is great feedback and you've even given us the command to use for collection.

    I'm asking dev to review this, and will respond soon. If we don't have that column it we'll investigate adding it.

    Thanks again!

    Steve Wright
    Product Manager
    Rocket Software

  • 4.  RE: Looking for input on what features Rocket Servergraph should add next!

    Posted 21 days ago
    You're welcome Steve.

    I think there are a few new columns added to Spectrum Protect which pertain to Cloud Container Pools, which need to be captured. This is the output of the admin command against a Cloud Container Pool in Azure, where I've highlighted columns which I'd expect to be able to see if I wanted to know about a Cloud Container Pool (as well as the rest, which I think are already captured in Servergraph, if they aren't they should be). Some are unpopulated in this instance, but may not be in other cases:

    Protect: xxxxxxxx>q stg f=d

    Storage Pool Name: CLOUDPOOL
    Storage Pool Type: Primary
    Device Class Name:
    Storage Type: CLOUD
    Cloud Type: AZURE
    Cloud URL: https://.....
    Cloud Identity:
    Cloud Location: OFFPREMISE
    Estimated Capacity:
    Space Trigger Util:
    Pct Util:
    Pct Migr:
    Pct Logical:
    High Mig Pct:
    Low Mig Pct:
    Migration Delay:
    Migration Continue:
    Migration Processes:
    Reclamation Processes:
    Next Storage Pool:
    Reclaim Storage Pool:
    Maximum Size Threshold: No Limit
    Access: Read/Write
    Description: xxxxxxxx
    Overflow Location:
    Cache Migrated Files?:
    Reclamation Threshold:
    Offsite Reclamation Limit:
    Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed:
    Number of Scratch Volumes Used:
    Delay Period for Cloud Reuse: 3
    Migration in Progress?:
    Amount Migrated (MB):
    Elapsed Migration Time (seconds):
    Reclamation in Progress?:
    Last Update by (administrator): xxxxxxx
    Last Update Date/Time: 08/09/2018 10:21:40
    Storage Pool Data Format: Native
    Copy Storage Pool(s):
    Active Data Pool(s):
    Continue Copy on Error?:
    CRC Data: No
    Reclamation Type:
    Overwrite Data when Deleted:
    Deduplicate Data?: Yes
    Processes For Identifying Duplicates:
    Compressed: Yes
    Space Used for Protected Data: 198,961 K
    Total Pending Space: 111,696 M
    Deduplication Savings: 150,931 G (76.78%)
    Compression Savings: 23,489 G (51.46%)
    Total Space Saved: 174,420 G (88.73%)
    Auto-copy Mode:
    Contains Data Deduplicated by Client?:
    Maximum Simultaneous Writers: No Limit
    Protect Processes:
    Protection Storage Pool:
    Protect Local Storage Pool(s):
    Reclamation Volume Limit:
    Date of Last Protection to Remote Pool:
    Date of Last Protection to Local Pool:
    Deduplicate Requires Backup?:
    Encrypted: Yes
    Pct Encrypted: 100%
    Cloud Space Allocated (MB): 26,827,995
    Cloud Space Utilized (MB): 22,798,664
    Bucket Name:
    Local Estimated Capacity: 1,663 G
    Local Pct Util: 0.0
    Local Pct Logical: 0.0
    Cloud Storage Class:
    Remove Restored Cpy Before End of Life:

    Reference for more info: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEQVQ_8.1.10/srv.reference/r_cmd_stgpool_query.html

    Daniel Banche
    CSI Ltd.