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Upgrading from Servergraph 7 or 8 to the new Servergraph – and why it's so important

  • 1.  Upgrading from Servergraph 7 or 8 to the new Servergraph – and why it's so important

    Posted 11-09-2020 14:08
    Edited by Steve Wright 11-09-2020 15:58
    In the last 3 years Servergraph has had a complete makeover.  From enhanced performance to a brand new user-friendly interface, the only thing the latest version of Servergraph has in common with former versions is its industry leading report granularity, access control, and enterprise coverage. If you're not on the latest version you are missing a lot of functionality that will increase your return on investment and make Servergraph the tool everyone on your team and in management uses daily. And if you already have Rocket Servergraph under maintenance the upgrade is free.

    The roots of Servergraph are still there. It's still a product built by backup and storage managers for backup and storage managers that filters vast amounts of metadata so users get what they need when they need it. But with improvements in the UI it is no longer an admin only tool. The detailed information is still available, but for managers who want an overview, or other users with specific or limited access needs, intuitive graphs and reports are a click away – delivered in the format they need. Anyone who can navigate a website looking for stock quote can find the information or graphs they need in Servergraph.

    The new UI for Servergraph has a Business Intelligence (BI) feel and the ability for anyone to create their own widgets and dashboards. And share those dashboards via email or URL. There are a number of videos available (click here) that detail these abilities and how to use them, but functionally the reason you will want to upgrade is that it takes your Servergraph investment to a whole new level and reduces the effort of admins to maintain the enterprise. And managers to monitor and understand it. And that's good for everyone.

    Want some specific reasons to upgrade?
    • Chargeback (or showback): Chargeback is a concept that many companies are returning to for departmental accountability, but creating invoices or reports for multiple products and departments is a tedious and time consuming job. With Servergraph it's 10 minutes to setup and automated from then on.
    • User calls/questions about backups and storage: These calls are time consuming for both the caller and the admin answering. Servergraph empowers any user the ability to find their own answers.
    • Budgeting for current/future needs: Managers who need to understand current and future resource usage to plan budgets take a lot of their admins time, and communication can be less than ideal. Servergraph gives a manager the graphs s/he needs to look at current usage and plan for the future.
    • Risk Management: For a manager responsible for data protection accessing the right information, particularly with multiple environments and products, is time consuming and difficult. Servergraph delivers that information in an easily readable format filters however the manager wants. By tier, by data center, by product, by application, etc.
    • Daily Administration: Servergraph tracks every system every day, giving both the high level and detailed reports and admin or team needs to plan their day. Which systems have failed today? Which systems have failed most often in the last week? Which storage devices are about to run out of space? Servergraph reports and alerts on all or any of these things.
      • And if you use a ticketing tool, like Jira/Remedy/ServiceNow, Servergraph can create tickets within them.

    The new Servergraph is the tool for any company that needs more oversight of their complex storage and data protection enterprise. And if you already have Servergraphthese expanded abilities are freely available to you (if you don't have Servergraph we're glad to talk to you about purchasing it, of course).

    If you have current maintenance, just create a ticket and discuss the upgrade process in the Rocket Customer Portal. We look forward to serving you!

    Steve Wright
    Product Manager
    Rocket Software
    Littleton CO