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  • 1.  Servergraph 9.3 is now generally available

    Posted 08-03-2020 16:38
    Edited by Stephen Aldous 08-03-2020 17:16

    Rocket is excited to announce the release of Rocket Servergraph 9.3!

    Below are some highlights of this release:



    Servergraph 9.3 capitalizes on the versatility of the Servergraph UI introduced in 9.1 to provide dashboards that are easy to customize and provide the modern look and feel our customers expect. We've also enhanced existing features to make them more useful and user friendly.


    What's new:

    • Reports can now be formatted with colors and icons based on thresholds and other criteria
      • Identify items at risk with a red icon. Highlight successful items in green etc.

    This is particularly useful to customers that run Servergraph in a Network Operations Center (NOC) on a wall display to highlight status of their enterprise

    • Trend Lines and projections
      • Trendlines enable user friendly views to see changes over time
      • Extend trendline into the future to predict what will happen if current usage continues
    • Report data and storage in either Gibibytes (GiB) or Gigabytes (GB)
      • Some products and devices report in GiB and some in GB (Bytes * 1024 vs. bytes * 1000) and most reporting products ignore these discrepancies. Servergraph now allows the customer to choose which they want to use.
    • Chargeback configurations and dashboards
      • Chargeback feature has been completely refreshed, with modern dashboards and configurable invoices
      • Customizable allowing organizations to set a different configuration for each department/customer
    • Alert System now supports SNMP alerts based on thresholds or other criteria
      • Servergraph can now send an SNMP trap to alert when a backup fails or a disk is growing too fast
      • Alerts can be received by any 3rd party application that supports SNMP traps, e.g. NetCool, Remedy or ServiceNow
    • Enhanced reporting for Amazon Cloud (AWS)
      • Reports have been expanded from just storage only to now include device usage, snapshots, hosts, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and more
    • Easier connection to LDAP or Active Directory (AD) for user authentication
      • Most customers want to use their AD domain to authenticate users, so we have made the connection process more user friendly and streamlined
    • Expanded platform support
      • Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
      • Support for PostgreSQL 12.3



    Stephen Aldous
    Rocket Software

  • 2.  RE: Servergraph 9.3 is now generally available

    Posted 08-07-2020 00:17
    Now available are videos describing and demonstrating some of the excellent new 9.3 features! Click below for a short video on the highlighted subject:

    Steve Wright
    Product Manager
    Rocket Software