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print instruction: USE_SYSTEM_SETTINGS

  • 1.  print instruction: USE_SYSTEM_SETTINGS

    Posted 08-07-2021 10:38

    Hi Unifacers,

    when using a print instruction in classic mode without 3rd param, Uniface runtime on Windows assumes USE_SYSTEM_SETTINGS=FALSE, not re-reading the spooler default printer.

    In a Uniface appl in production since 20+ yrs we would like to have it assuming USE_SYSTEM_SETTINGS=TRUE by default at application wide level. Is there a way either in .INI or .ASN or whatever configuration file to force it in a single place avoiding to manually change 500+ reports?

    Thanks in advance for any answer/tip/trick.


    P.S. in .INI file currently used into [Printer] section is already defined defaultprinter=TRUE; this is acting AFAIK at the end of each printout.