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License Management: Uniface License Management - December 2014

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  • 1.  License Management: Uniface License Management - December 2014

    Posted 11-19-2018 12:02
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    Uniface License Management - December 2014

    Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

    With Uniface becoming its own company, we took ownership of a copy of the Distributed License Management (DLM) product from Compuware.   We intend to treat the license management software as a product, which means we will build, distribute and maintain it separately from specific Uniface versions.     Uniface DLM9: With effect from Uniface 9.6.06, we will be delivering our own version of DLM, which we have renumbered to be DLM9. It has also be rebranded to be a Uniface product. (It should be noted that in the registry, we have decided that we will not change the Compuware references to be Uniface because we view this as to be a risk).   Customers who are using Uniface 9.6 (or older) are not obliged to move to DLM9, and should not move unless they have been instructed to do so by the Uniface support team.   DLM9 is delivered for new installations of Uniface, and it will be the version which is maintained by Uniface going forward.   Important points about the Uniface DLM9 license server:

    • The Uniface DLM9 license server cannot be installed and operate alongside a Compuware DLM installation. (They cannot co-exist).
    • The Windows un-installation software for Compuware’s DLM products does not completely remove all of the software, this will cause issues when installing Uniface DLM9 if you have previously installed Compuware DLM.
    • The installation of Uniface DLM9 will help with the removal of the Compuware installation/version of DLM, but please work with the Uniface support team as required. 

    We advise customers that unless advised by the Uniface support team to move to Uniface DLM 9, they remain with their current Compuware DLM server. Important points about Uniface DLM9:

    • Old versions of the Compuware DLM client software should work with the Uniface DLM9 server. (we are not testing combinations, but technically they are compatible).
    • Old Compuware DLM licenses are compatible with Uniface DLM 9 (there is no requirement to order new license files).

    After Uniface DLM9: For Uniface 9.7 and Uniface 10, we plan to continue using the same license management software.

    • We intend to change the name and the versioning model. (we have not decided what).
    • Older versions of Uniface will not work with the license server. Customers will have to have separate license servers.
    • Customers will require new licenses to be issued by Uniface, older licenses will not work with Uniface versions delivered after Uniface 9.6.xx
    • We can, and probably will implement enhancements to the software. 

    Compuware delivered DLM versions:

    • Uniface 9.6 will continue to be supported with the DLM version 4.5.40 delivered from Compuware.
    • After this version, Uniface will not be supported when deployed with the Compuware product.
    • If customers are using other Compuware products, which require a new version of the Compuware license server, they will have to have a separate license server on separate hardware.

    Older versions of Compuware DLM should work ‘as is’. We have an agreement with Compuware that we can get technical support for DLM, but customers should be aware that in the case of technical issues, the only resolution could be to move to the Uniface delivered version of DLM. This should only be done under the guidance of the Uniface Support Team.