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  • 1.  Rocket Uniface Universe webinar recording and Q&A

    Posted 12-16-2021 04:44
    Edited by David Andrews 06-07-2022 09:17
    Hope you have all seen the Rocket Uniface Universe 2021H2 webinar, last Tuesday. If you want to see our presentations again or missed it, you can see it by clicking the video below.

    I have added the Q&A from the webinar:

    Q: Is it possible to host licenses within a virtualized environment? 

    A: There is locking information which must remain stable. If this is the case, virtual environments are no problem. 

    Q: Will it be possible to use DLM within uniface 10.4 or is it disabled? 

    A: 10.3 licenses do not work on 10.4 – updating to 10.4 will require a new license, which will be sentinel. 

    : Is it a must to change to Sentinel when still using 10.3? Or can we wait until we migrate to 10.4.? 

    A: DLM is unchanged in 10.3.02 – you can wait until 10.4 to move to Sentinel. 

    Is switching to Sentinal advised in preparation for migration to 10.4? 

    A: Moving to Sentinel with 10.3 means one less component needing updating when going to 10.4.  Cloud licensing also simplifies deployment. 

    : if there a roadmap for the c++ runtime environment. more and more customers went against older c++ redistributable. e.g. c++ 2015 redistributable got under suspicion by a customer during security analysis 

    A: Uniface 10.3.03 and 10.4 are distributed with the MSVC 2019 runtime 

    : Is there also tls for the connection to databases? 

    A: There ae two paths to the remote database 1) the Uniface dataserver, which can use TLS, or 2) the client supplied by the database vendor, which would need to offer the support. 

    Q: If you plan on upgrading from Uniface 9 - can you do that from 10.4 ? 

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can we have an e-learning on migrating your current DLM licences to sentinel, as this is obviously going to take us a lot of effort across many customers.  

    A: This is on the roadmap/backlog. I will review the priorities in January to see how soon we can deliver this. 

    Q: What about the Editor? Autocompletion, Auto-indentation? 

    A: The roadmap contains code editing enhancements, of which these are examples.

    Q: If my platform code is changing from LU7 to LU8, does that mean a complete reinstall of Uniface or can I just install the new patches? 

    A: We recommend a fresh install, however deleting the bin and lib folders before overlaying the patch from LU8 will update all the binaries. 

    Q: Version Control interfaces?? 

    A: There are two main options 1) the UD6 driver from March Hare and 2) the WASListener available as a tools download on the community site (or GitHub).

    Q: Uniface Version Control: will that be enhanced support for UD6 OR a Uniface own standard? Because U10 is not working as well as U9 with a centralized database repository ... 
    A: The UD6 driver is a product supplied and supported by March Hare. There are several options open to us for implementing a version control – we have not yet fixed the route we will be taking. 

    Q: what type of SSO? 

    A: We are currently in the UAT phase of a solution that will give you a single registration/login screen with one set of credentials. This will be utilized across various public facing systems e.g. eLearning, the community forum, the support portal to start with. 


    If you have more questions regarding the webinar or any other questions, please post them here.
    Kind regards,


    Erik Hoeboer
    Partner Marketing Manager
    Rocket Internal - All Brands

  • 2.  RE: Rocket Uniface Universe webinar recording and Q&A

    Posted 12-17-2021 03:59


    How does "Uniface Anywhere" go with Uniface 10.

    During the incorporation of Uniface with RocketSoftware, we got some indications about Uniface Anywhere support being ended.

    Regards RogerW.

    Roger Wallin
    Abilita Oy

  • 3.  RE: Rocket Uniface Universe webinar recording and Q&A

    Posted 12-17-2021 04:14
    We are currently using it without incident. 

    Iain Sharp
    Head of Technical Services
    Pci Systems Ltd
    Sheffield GB

  • 4.  RE: Rocket Uniface Universe webinar recording and Q&A

    Posted 12-17-2021 09:40

    Nice to hear that it's working.
    Does Uniface Rocketeers know anything about future support?

    Regards RogerW

    Roger Wallin
    Abilita Oy