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Getting started with different distributions of Rocket

  • 1.  Getting started with different distributions of Rocket

    Posted 11-15-2021 06:39
    As part of this Rocket provides the AI/ML conda packages and GPU Operator for Power machines.

    The RocketCE conda packages are build and supported for Power 9 and Power 10 with ppc64le architecture. These packages are installed into a conda environment so after installation is complete, the frameworks are ready for use. Presently these packages are available in RocketCE conda channel.
    Note: Access and availability to this data is subject to the community and can change at any time.

    The NVIDIA GPU Operator are built and provided to be installed on Power 9 machines (IBM Power System AC922 and IBM Power System IC922) having openshift 4.8. This GPU operator can installed using the Helm commands.

        Rajesh Nukala
        Rocket Internal - All Brands