RocketCE for Power

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    Posted 11-15-2021 06:39
    Downloading RocketCE packages
    RocketCE Machine Learning Open Source Editions are available and can be downloaded through anaconda rocketce channel. These can be downloaded from

    RocketCE software packages

    RocketCE Machine Learning Open Source Edition built using 1.3.1 provides software packages for several deep learning frameworks, supporting libraries, and tools.
    RocketCE Software packages include the following components:

    Component Version
    Tensorflow-cpu 2.5.1
    Pytorch-cpu 1.8.1
    XGBoost 1.4.2
    OnnxRuntime 1.7.2

    RocketCE prerequisites

    • System support
    RocketCE is supported on Power systems with ppc64le architecture.
    • Required third party components
    RocketCE conda packages requires some additional third party software components
    1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL of version 8.4 for Power 9 and 10 systems
    2. Anaconda

    Rajesh Nukala
    Rocket Internal - All Brands