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  • 1.  Useful Conda Commands

    Posted 11-12-2021 09:24
    This page will help you by providing the useful conda commands while while working with conda environment. Below are some of the frequently used conda commands.
    • Create a new virtual conda environment
    conda create -n <environment_name>
    • Activate conda environment
    conda activate <environment_name> 
    • List available conda environments
    conda env list 
    • Deactivate present conda environment
    conda deactivate
    • Install a conda package or conda package with specific version
    conda install python or conda install python=3.8
    • Installing a library
    conda install <library_name>
    • Updating a package in current environment
    conda update <package_name>
    • Installing a package from a specific channel
      conda install -c conda-forge <package_name>
      • Installing a wheel file
      pip install <library-name>
      • By default conda will install from anaconda channel. With specific channel we have to use -c
      conda install -c <channel_name> <library_name>
      • Search a library in specific channel
      conda search -c <channel_name> <library_name>
        • List of software's installed
        conda list
        • Delete conda virtual environment
        conda env remove -n <environment_name>
        • Clean all the libraries which are cached after deleting the environment
        conda clean --all
        • Export conda environment to an yaml file
        conda env export >> environment_file.yml

        More information on the conda commands is available at conda cheat sheet.

        Rajesh Nukala
        Rocket Internal - All Brands