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Uniface License Service DLM available

  • 1.  Uniface License Service DLM available

    Posted 11-17-2020 14:48

    Uniface License Service DLM available for download

    Uniface is pleased to announce that Uniface License Service DLM is available for download on the Uniface Download site:

    With this version release of Uniface DLM:

    •  Fixed installer to detect the Linux version correctly.
    •  Fixed issue with borrowing on Windows environments.
    •  Incorporated new DLM clients.

    Fixes and features delivered with previous versions:

    With version

    •  DLM is now supported for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

    With version 9.2.05

    • Fixed issue with increasing number of handles, that could lead to service become unavailable.

    With version 9.2.04

    • Added support for Uniface DLM on Red Hat 8 and CentOS 8.

    With version

    • Fixes crashes in the Uniface DLM client DLLs
    • Fixes stability issues.

    With version

    •  Feature: added support for IPv6.
    •  Fixes ROOT_CONFIG being written if it already contains a value.
    •  Fixes Wrong time in emails sent by the DLM server.
    •  Several stability issues fixed.

    With version 9.1.0

    •  Feature: It is now possible to configure the frequency with which a Uniface application notifies the DLM license server that a license is still in use.
    •  Fixed issue with allowing Grace time.
    •  Security updates (see also the notes at the bottom of this page!).

    With version 9.0.4

    •  Problem with the display of buttons on Japanese Windows systems has been fixed.

    With version 9.0.3

    •  Feature: Uniface DLM is now supported on Windows 10.
    •  Some problems on Unix and Linux platforms are fixed.

    With version 9.0.2

    •  Feature: The DLMInfo utility has been enhanced to provide additional system information.

    With version 9.0.1

    •  The name has been changed to Uniface DLM and the version is changed to 9.0. It replaces Compuware's Distributed License Manager 4.6.

    For full listing of the fixes and features, please see the DLM Administrator Guide.


    • When upgrading DLM License Service from previous versions, it is highly recommended to have all licenses returned (checked-in) to the license service and to reboot the host Operating System where it is running on, before starting the upgrade procedure.
    • Compatibility between versions of the Uniface DLM client files and the versions of the DLM server are maximal maintained, however some fixes and features require to have the server and client on the same or higher version to be effective.
    •  Uniface DLM Client files need to be placed in the Uniface Common Bin directory. These DLM Client files are per Operating System packed in a separate folder in the download zip file.
    •  Using DLM version 9.1.0 or higher with Uniface Windows versions before 9.7.05 and/or version 10 before 10.3.01, will require to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (or higher) on the client windows environments.
       In case were the DLM version 9.2.0 is installed on the same machine as the Uniface application is used, the installer of DLM will take care of installing the correct Visual C++ Redistributable.
    • Different versions of Uniface can require different versions of the Microsoft Redistributable to be installed on the same system: This is no problem.

    A separate login is required for downloading Uniface software.
    If no login credentials for are present, registration will be required.