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Microsoft Office 365 in UA sessions

  • 1.  Microsoft Office 365 in UA sessions

    Posted 12-10-2020 11:49

    Microsoft Office 365 in UA sessions

    Office 365 starting slow in UA Session

    Running Microsoft Office 365 can be slow starting within a Uniface Anywhere user session.
    To speed up the start follow the procedure described in the knowledge article: Performance Auto-Tuning

    Windows Server 2019 and Office 365 Activation

    On Windows Server 2019, Microsoft changed the activation procedure of the Office 365 applications when every user his office application needs personalized activation.
    On older versions of Windows, Office 365 can only be activated when IE is configured to allow users to access https://*, for example, by adding it to Internet Explorer’s Trusted Sites.
    This is true regardless of the type of session: RDS, console or Uniface Anywhere.
    On Windows Server 2019, IE must also be configured to allow this access when Office 365 is run in UA sessions, with the solution for this issue created in UA version 6.0.2, Uniface Anywhere causes Office 365 to revert to the functionality it uses on older versions of Windows.

    It is important to note that on the UA host, there is no need to disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration to use the solution provided in UA version 6.0.2. What is needed is to add https://* to Internet Explorer’s Trusted Sites for every user, just as is required to do when running running Office 365 on older versions of Windows in console or RDS sessions.
    This can be done on a per-user basis via Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites, and it can be done for multiple users and groups via Group Policy.