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UniData DBA Tips and Tricks (post #1)

  • 1.  UniData DBA Tips and Tricks (post #1)

    Posted 18 days ago
    Edited by Michael Rajkowski 18 days ago

    Some notes about the output

    In addition the basics, Modulo and Blocksize, guide provides information about its contents, it provides the File Status.

    Possible values include:

    • Dense
    • Empty
    • Ok
    • Overflow 1
    • Overflow 2
    • Sparse

    Next Steps

    As a DBA it is up to you to maintain the files, and resize when needed, based on your knowledge of the Application and the data usage. You can use the File Status to identify those files that may be candidates for resizing. While any file can be resized for disk space utilization and/or performance, your focus should be those files in overflow.

    Level two Overflow are files where the keys (ids) have filled up the primary group and required an overflow block to contain more keys. These files should be resized.

    Level 1 Overflow is when the data portion of the items in a group have expanded to an overflow group. Since it is possible for a item to be bigger than the blocksize of the group, not all Level 1 overflow can be eliminated.

    In future posts, I will describe some methods for calculating the proper size of UniData Files to minimize overflow, and when (and how) to use UniData Dynamic files.

    Michael Rajkowski
    Rocket Software