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Tricky Tips - Plugin options for RDi, LegaSuite/MX and Eclipse-based IDEs... Part I

  • 1.  Tricky Tips - Plugin options for RDi, LegaSuite/MX and Eclipse-based IDEs... Part I

    Posted 11-18-2021 18:22
    After reviewing a few recent posts regarding our Plugin for Eclipse and Rational, it seems that there are a few useful 'setup' things that we might bring in to the light.
    While our shipped Help does contain decent info on what we are capable of (Help > Help Contents > 'Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Eclipse Plug-ins User Guide'), I do think we could use more FAQ or 'How-to' type stuff to make it more useful and shorten the learning curve.
    To that end, over the next several weeks, will be exposing a few tips for the Eclipse plugin for Lifecycle Manager that might help you in your daily tasks.
    Starting with...
    Connection options - Good for LMe (also used in LSWB / MX with LMe Plugin):
    1 -
    I usually use and recommend the option to display IDE Project names for the connection by Group for Add to Workspace (especially if you have many/hundreds of IDE Projects!).

    A quick note that the LMe 'server' in the definition should match the configuration in aldcs.conf for LMe client (default is LMeServer, but can be any matching value- e.g.<Affiniti_Dispatcher_port).
    NOTE -
    Port is defined on the host in service table entries.  If you didn't get this setup info from a colleague, can review the default entry on the host with: 
    Service                                  Port  Protocol
    Affiniti_Dispatcher                      7890  tcp     ​

    3 - Host emulation 'trick' for use with LegaSuite/MX workbenches
    The modernization workbench doesn't have 'real' emulator option for the host connection like RDi.  However, here is a sooper handy tip below from Rene in our LSQB/MX Lab to setup an emulator in LS / MX Workbenches WITHOUT use of Rocket TE plugin or Rational Developer for i (requires LSWB 8.5+ with Host Picture Builder project types).

    a) Define a Host Picture Builder project in any 'Explorer' view.
    Right-Click > New Project > Other

    Click on 'Next'.

    b)  Give it a name (can use the Server Name for the project: e.g. MyLPAR_Emulator) and Click Finish.

    c) Open in the Picture Builder Perspective.

    d) Update the project setting Properties. 

      - Provide the hostname and credentials in the project settings.

      - May also modify the ccsid, if needed (500 should work or 37 for English).

      - Save the changes.

    To open the emulator, right-click on the project and select Open 5250 emulator

    There is no additional license required for the workbench to use this hidden feature.

    More to come...

    I hope you find these to be useful...
    Looking forward to questions or your own tips.


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