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Don't let slow apps ruin your end user experience

  • 1.  Don't let slow apps ruin your end user experience

    Posted 01-14-2022 10:37
    Edited by Roger Van Valen 01-19-2022 03:28
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    You made a beautiful web interface on your legacy application that does everything your users requested, but now they're reporting slow performance on a part of your application. Or everywhere. Is it because there is much host information to collect? Is there perhaps something not quite right in script? Or in the communication layers? Small delays can occur everywhere and they might add up to give a slow experience.  Tracing issues to their source can be harder than the resolution itself.

     Rocket Modern Experience comes with a profiling tool that records your session's internals, giving you complete visibility to what your users can't see. Configure this feature with just a few clicks and perform the steps to reproduce the issue, and this tool will show you exactly what is happening, where and when, and how long each step takes. This short video shows you how to get started.

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    Roger van Valen
    Senior manager, software engineering
    Rocket Software
    Dordrecht, The Netherlands