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    Posted 06-03-2020 08:57
    Edited by Charles Dane 09-15-2020 08:47
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    What is the Rocket Forum?
    The Rocket Forum is the place where all are welcome to discover, engage, learn, share knowledge and network with other members and Rocketeers. Here you'll find discussions about Rocket products and services, news and updates, help and support, events and activities, documentation and how-to guides, and videos.

    Do I have to be a customer to join the forum?
    Not at all. The forum is open to anyone with an interest in anything Rocket. While you don't need to join the forum to read content, membership is required to participate.

    What happened to the other Rocket Software Forum?
    The Rocket Software Forum was a community focused on a small list of Rocket products. We wanted to offer our members more capabilities and products to discuss, on a platform allowing the forum to grow. We also ensured all the other forum's membership and content moved with us.

    Can I get help with a product?
    We encourage our forum members and subject matter experts to engage and assist one another. Rocketeers may provide some assistance and participate in discussion, but the forum is not intended as a replacement for Rocket Technical Support. If you need assistance with a Rocket product, please visit the Rocket Community page.

    Why do I see threads posted long before the Forum launch?
    These are discussions from the old Rocket Software forum that were migrated to here. While some of the content may be a few months old, the replies and information is still useful.

    Who is an "Archive User"?
    Archive Users are content creators from the old forum that did not create an account on this Forum before the content migration. Unfortunately, we are unable to map content creators to their creations going forward.

    Do you have other questions, feedback, or need help with the forum? Contact us by emailing

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