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Extract TM on u2py

  • 1.  Extract TM on u2py

    Posted 08-29-2019 20:04


    How can I extract TextMark value using u2py?

    I got the values of a SVM with this sentence:
    total = s.args[0].extract(6,1,7).dcount(u2py.TM)

    But when I try to extract the info I got an error because the function only take 3 arguments:
    for x in range(1,total):
    print (s.args[0].extract(6,1,7,x))
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “test.py”, line 46, in
    print (s.args[0].extract(6,1,7,1))
    File “/dasm/bin/u2py.py”, line 163, in extract
    return DynArray(super().extract(*args, **kwargs))
    TypeError: function takes at most 3 arguments (4 given)
    Does anyone knows how can I get the TM value in my for loop?
    I apreciate your comments.

  • 2.  RE: Extract TM on u2py

    Posted 08-30-2019 17:16

    There are a few ways, this works:
    python> import u2py

    python> rec = [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, [ [ “s1”, “s2”, “s3”, “s4”, “s5”, “s6”, [ “s7t1”, “s7t2” ], “s8” ]], 7 ]

    python> dyn = u2py.DynArray( rec )

    python> dyn

    <u2py.DynArray value=b’1\xfe2\xfe3\xfe4\xfe5\xfes1\xfcs2\xfcs3\xfcs4\xfcs5\xfcs6\xfcs7t1\xfbs7t2\xfcs8\xfe7’>

    python> stuff = dyn.extract(6,1,7)

    python> for each_text, delim in stuff:

    … print(each_text)