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Bash 4.2.53 Installation on z/OS

  • 1.  Bash 4.2.53 Installation on z/OS

    Posted 12-15-2016 10:17

    Hello, folks…
    I have downloaded Bash 4.2.53 from Rocket Software site for installation in a z/OS V2R2 environment.
    The download was successful and the file downloaded was “bash-4.2_b0005.160513.tar.gz”.
    However, when I upload (in binary mode) to z/OS’s USS and try to “tar” it (tar zxvf bash-4.2_b0005.160513.tar.gz) I receive an error message indicating that the file is not in compressed format. I haven’t found any clue in this forum…
    Can you please help me with this issue?
    An additional detail: I discovered a link to the theoretically newer file “bash-4.3_b0008.160714.tar.gz” but the same error occurs.
    Thank you very much and best regards.

    Gustavo Lozano
    IBM Brazil

  • 2.  RE: Bash 4.2.53 Installation on z/OS

    Posted 12-20-2016 12:55

    I think that the z flag for tar will use /bin/uncompress, not gunzip; they are different compression schemes. gunzip the downloaded file and then use tar without the z flag, and see if that works.

  • 3.  RE: Bash 4.2.53 Installation on z/OS

    Posted 12-29-2016 05:23

    Hi Gustavo,

    you have to install the Gzip 1.6 package from RocketSoftware first. Gzip 1.6 is in tar-format available. You can ‘untar’ this in USS as usual.
    I think .gz stands for gzip format (for z/OS ?, I don’t know :wink: )

    The gzip and tar process for RocketSoftware z/OS Open Source Community Downloads is described in the install guide (rocket_zos_open_source_tools_installation_guide.pdf):
    Enter the following command to expand the compressed file: gzip –d filename.tar.gz
    Enter the following command to install the Ported Tool: tar –xvfo filename.tar

    Hope this helps.

    Hermann Buerchler
    IBM Switzerland