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Git mergetool for z/OS?

  • 1.  Git mergetool for z/OS?

    Posted 12-04-2019 09:55

    What, if any, tools are available to use with git mergetool under z/OS?

    Is there a way to use ISPF tools (compare, edit) ?

  • 2.  RE: Git mergetool for z/OS?

    Posted 12-06-2019 15:49

    Hello Lionel,

    On z/OS, vimdiff can be used as a merge tool for Git. Unfortunately the mergetool command itself seems to have an issue on z/OS, failing with an error message even before running the merge tool.

    As for using ISPF tools with Git, I don’t see how this could be implemented. ISPF tools require an interactive ISPF session; however, the 3270 terminal is unavailable when ISPF is called from within USS. Even if you call ‘git mergetool’ from a Rexx script under ISPF, and Git calls ISPF once again (an ISPF-USS-ISPF chain), that second ISPF instance runs in ‘batch mode’. That’s my understanding - I might be missing something.


  • 3.  RE: Git mergetool for z/OS?

    Posted 12-06-2019 16:02

    Vlad - Thank you for confirming what I’ve found to date. I have found a way to do merge conflict resolution (sounds like couples counseling) using ISPF and hope to have it included with the next release of zigi (https://zigi.rocks)