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Unpacking z/OpenSource Distributions

  • 1.  Unpacking z/OpenSource Distributions

    Posted 06-02-2020 10:46

    Before installing your distribution you need to unpack it.

    All z/OpenSource languages and tools are delivered as gzip tar files (e.g. automake-1.10_b0001.160204.tar.gz) with the exception of gzip which is delivered as a simple tar file (e.g. gzip-1.6-edc_b0002.160204.tar).

    If you do not already have gzip on your system you will need to start by downloading and installing gzip and to unpack the gzip distribution you need only issue a standard tar extraction command.

    To unpack all other z/OpenSource languages and tools from Rocket enter the following commands using your own destination directory in place of /rsusr/rocket:

    gunzip tool.tar.gz
    tar -C /rsusr/rocket -xoUXf tool.tar

    For example, if unpacking automake-1.10_b0001.160204.tar.gz, issue the commands:

    gunzip automake-1.10_b0001.160204.tar.gz
    tar -C /rsusr/rocket -xoUXf automake-1.10_b0001.160204.tar

    Each Rocket open source distribution comes with tool-specific installation instructions (README.ZOS) and a version information file (VERSION.ZOS).

    These files are located in:


    Good luck with your installation!

    Peter Fandel
    Rocket Software