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FTP replacing tabs with spaces

  • 1.  FTP replacing tabs with spaces

    Posted 05-17-2021 10:30

    I am trying to FTP/send a text file. 

    The file is being sent but the text files TABS are being replaced with SPACES. 

    ie, the text file looks something  like:
    but inside the mainframe all tabs are turned into single spaces
    b 12 34 56 7891 33.3333 12312312 12312312    1

    How can I preserve the TABS?


    Michael Hlusak
    Quality Anaylist

  • 2.  RE: FTP replacing tabs with spaces

    Posted 05-18-2021 04:49
    Hi Michael, 

    If you download this file from your host to local, open it, you would find the tabs are still there. In other words, the file itself isn't modified from emulator to host or from host to emulator during the transfer. As for why you saw TAB became SPACE in mainframe screen, the main reason could be Tab itself is one host function/key, when there is any TAB character in the data set, mainframe would replace it with 3270 field attribute byte then send the screen data to the emulator to display the data in the screen. To verify this, you can go to Session > Configure > Cursor > Advanced, enable Show Field Attributes, then you will see 0x40 in the place of TAB character or you can capture the trace to check corresponding bytes too.

    So, it seems there is no way to show the TAB characters in a file in mainframe screen as they are.

    Zhi Li
    Rocket Software