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UniVerse version 11.3.3 now available

  • 1.  UniVerse version 11.3.3 now available

    Posted 20 days ago
    UniVerse version 11.3.3 has been released on May 31 2021 for the below platforms/versions:

    AIX POWER       7.1,  7.2
    Amazon Linux       2
    CentOS       7,  8
    HP/UX ITANIUM       11.31
    Oracle Enterprise Linux x86       7,  8
    RedHat Enterprise Linux Intel       7,  8
    Solaris SPARC       11
    Solaris Intel       11
    SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Intel       11.0,  12.0,  15.0
    Windows       Windows 10,  2012,  2016,  2019

    This product is available to order immediately via your Rocket software provider or by logging into your RBC account at or

    Additional Product Information is available on the Product Availability Matrix at or

    For any questions on product availability, please contact

  • 2.  RE: UniVerse version 11.3.3 now available

    Posted 15 days ago

    Has there been a change to how the Documentation is delivered for 11.3.3?

    For 11.3.2 the documentation was part of a windows installer package, with a PDF index document.

    Full content listing of documentation for UV 11.3.2
    For 11.3.3 there are only a few documents
    The documentation for 11,3,3 appears to be a subset of the full 11,3,2 documentation

    Gregor Scott
    Software Architect
    Pentana Solutions
    Mount Waverley VIC Australia

  • 3.  RE: UniVerse version 11.3.3 now available

    Posted 15 days ago

    You bring up a good point.

    Currently the ID team within Rocket are working on implementing a new new CMS (IXIASoft) and Platform (Zoomin). These systems are targeted to be live later this year. Once implemented, content will be displayed in html and will have much greater search capabilities than Rocket can currently offer with the PDF output. It will also have allow a greater ability to make changes to content on the fly which will allow Rocket to close out tickets rapidly without requiring significant cycles to redo and reindex all our PDF output.

    Until MV is fully moved over to the new platforms starting with UniData 8.2.3 and UniVerse 11.3.3 any upgrade release will no longer come with a complete new set of docs. Rocket will only publish those docs that have been updated as a result of the release and those docs will not contain the indexing function made available in full doc set release. Docs will be zipped and posted to RBC and also available from the Rocket doc library (

    Discussions are still on-going internally on how we best annotate this interim change to the documentation releases.


    Jonathan Smith
    UniData ATS and Principal Engineer
    Rocket Software