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  • 1.  Git support, Git Repositories extension, Virtual workspaces

    Posted 04-11-2022 01:47
    I would like to put in a vote (if that's possible) to have source control and in particular support for Git included in the next MVVS release. The roadmap for MVVS indicates 2022 but doesn't seem firm on committing to that timeframe.

    I note the VS Code Git Repositories extension, allowing editing of git artefacts in the remote repo instead of having to clone locally. That seems a like great idea for us given we have developers in multiple locations across the globe and 7000+ programs in the base code. This relies on the virtual workspace concept discussed in the following link:

    Support for Virtual workspaces would seem to address many of the "must be local" constraints in the current MV BASIC extension.

    VS Code and Git are core technologies for my organization in building a developer experience that is familiar for any developer whether they are working on web front-end, C# APIs, MV Basic back-end logic or Python functions.

    John Green
    Head of Technology
    Ultradata Australia Pty Ltd
    Malvern East VIC AU

  • 2.  RE: Git support, Git Repositories extension, Virtual workspaces

    Posted 04-13-2022 13:12
    Hi John,
    Your vote has been noted and I have logged an enhancement request with reference MVVS-706 to keep track. There was mention of version control for v2.1.0 or future release in the past product road map from November 2021 but there's no ETA as yet. I have referred your request to our product management team to follow up with you.

    Christian Bristow
    Rocket Software Inc

  • 3.  RE: Git support, Git Repositories extension, Virtual workspaces

    Posted 04-13-2022 18:01
    Hi John,
    As Christian mentioned, the MVVS source control feature is directional on the roadmap for late 2022 or later.  Directional means that we have not committed to or planned this feature as of yet and the timeframe for it's implementation is 12+ months out.  We are currently focusing on MVVS debugging and will access the source control schedule as we get closer to finalizing the debugging functionality .  With that said your vote has been documented (as well as others who have liked this post). 

    We do appreciate your input as it helps us in planning and prioritizing the functionality that our customers are most interested in.

    Christine Rizza
    MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software