D3 and mvBase

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  • 1.  D3 FSI Hot Backup bug

    Posted 11-29-2021 18:22
    I just found that if you have enqueuing enabled on the primary ( FHB-ON (A ) and you also are logging all files ( FHB-ALLFILES-ON )  before using FSIHOTBACKUP to set up the primary queue ( FSIDM,FHB,P ), once you create the queue, an item with a null item ID is written to the FHB,P file along with two other items with the IDs 2 and 3. The presence of the null-item-ID item exposes a bug in the dequeuing mechanism on the secondary which manifests itself as a variable unassigned error in the fhb_GetQueueIndexes subroutine on the secondary server. The subroutine keeps looping around to the same error and dequeuing never starts.

    Engineering is aware and will be making some changes to the code, but in the meantime if you run into this, simply DELETE FSIDM,FHB,P "" and restart the secondary servers. And you should probably NEVER start enqueuing before you set up the file to which the transactions are queued.

    Brian S. Cram
    Principal Technical Support Engineer
    Rocket Software