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  • 1.  Conda

    Posted 02-16-2021 09:34
    Hi, I have installed the miniconda package to enable the upgrade of curl. What was a pretty easy install is now.. well, not easy any more. By requiring miniconda running on USS the requirement to connect directly from 'MVS' to an external site is enforced. This has never been done here and will take some time to get approvals, firewalls etc.. I have a deadline to get curl upgraded before I can get these approvals. Is there an alternative way to get the new version of curl without using conda? thanks

    Dave Williamson
    SE IV

  • 2.  RE: Conda

    Posted 02-16-2021 16:52
    Edited by Peter Fandel 02-16-2021 16:52

    Hi Dave,

    >Is there an alternative way to get the new version of curl without using conda?

    No. All rocket ported tools support only conda installation (except for conda itself via the z/OS Miniconda installer).  There was a transition period for six months after we announced the move to conda but that is now past.

    However, once you have z/OS Miniconda set up on your system, customers with a support contract can set up a local file channel on premise and populate it with the z/OS open source ports from which your internal consumers can download and install without going to the internet.

    That said, it is possible to manually download a package from the public conda channel hosted at anaconda.org, transfer it to z/OS and install using command 'conda install <package.tar.bz2>'. However, it is not a supported workflow, dependencies won't be installed this way, and some functionality might be missing.

    Peter Fandel
    Rocket Software