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  • 1.  End of support for Rocket Uniface 10.3.02

    Posted 01-18-2022 04:38
    Hello all,

    Can some one tell me when Rocket Uniface 10.3.02 will be out of support and will not get any more (security) updates/patches?

    I am currently working on a project for migrating the Rocket Uniface application of a customer to Rocket Uniface 10.3.02.

    I would like to suggest switching to the Rocket Uniface 10.3.03 release. The customer is reluctant to switch because they expect problems. I have indicated that this will not be too bad, because when using the service pack there is a logical follow-up, which is supported by Rocket Uniface.

    Is there anyone who can support or reject this?

    Richard de Vries

    Sogeti Nederland B.V.


  • 2.  RE: End of support for Rocket Uniface 10.3.02

    Posted 01-21-2022 10:41
    Hi Richard,

    versions are supported for 18 Months after General Availability (GA).

    Nico Peereboom
    Rocket Internal - All Brands
    Amsterdam CO NL