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Uniface Anywhere License Upgrade Required

  • 1.  Uniface Anywhere License Upgrade Required

    Posted 02-12-2021 17:53

    Uniface Anywhere License Upgrade Required

    During upgrade / update of a previous version of Uniface Anywhere by running the installation executable of a newer version, you could be confronted with the message:
    " Uniface Anywhere License Upgrade Required. You must upgrade the Uniface Anywhere licenses that this computer is using before you can install this version."

    And the installer will exit.

    The following situations can trigger this message:

    1. Your current license file is NOT valid for this version of Uniface Anywhere.

      Your license could be obtained for version 5.x and will therefor not accepted by the installer of version 6.0

      How to check if this is the case:
      Find the license file (*.lic) in directory \Program Files\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Programs or Program Files\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Licensing
      Open the file with a standard text editor (eg. notepad.exe).
      Find the line with 'INCREMENT session blm '
      The number directly after 'blm' will tell you the maximum version that is supported with that license.

      Contact you Uniface Sales Representative or send an email to and purchase a license for version 6. Do not forget to attach the licenses that require the update to version 6.

    2. The current license file is for the correct version but it is not found by the installer.

      You have checked if the license file is for this version of Uniface Anywhere as described in situation 1.
      Then the probable cause could be that the system environment LM_LICENSE_FILE setting is incorrect.

      How to check if this is the case:
      Find the last Application Publishing Service log file and open it in a web browser (by double click on it in explorer) and find under the section: Environment Variables:

      The line that mentions: LM_LICENSE_FILE

      the value of this variable must contain a maximum of the following two values:
      C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Licensing
      C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Programs

      and make sure to have the directory where your license file is located is mentioned as first one.
      when correction was needed restart the Installer of Uniface Anywhere to start the update / upgrade.

    3. Your Uniface installation is done on a different local drive and directory.

      All the above mentioned situations are not applicable and being correct.
      Then the only solution to have this system updated or upgraded is by uninstalling the previous version manually and then run the installer of the new version.

      Some tips on easy reinstall:
      a) If you are confident in manipulating the system Registry, Export the registry key:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\AppServer\InstalledApps
      b) find your license file and backup it to a different location
      c) start the Uniface Anywhere Admin Console (or the Cluster Manager), select in the Menu the 'host options' and note any changes made here.
      c) Run the uninstaller from "Programs and Features" and reboot
      d) after reboot run the installer of the new version
      e) BEFORE reboot, import the saved registry key by double click on the reg file and copy the license file back to the licensing directory.
      f) after reboot, you may need to want to configure the 'Host Options' again if you have made changes there.