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Downloading the U2 DBTools and U2 Clients

  • 1.  Downloading the U2 DBTools and U2 Clients

    Posted 11-27-2020 06:13
    We get asked every now and then where to get the U2 client software.  These include:

    U2 Clients

    • ODBC, JDBC, UOJ and .NET drivers and associated tools
    • Visual Schema Generator
    • SSL Setup Tool
    • Certificate Management Tool
    • Dynamic Connect
    • Intercall
    U2 DBTools
    • U2 Basic Developer Toolkit
    • U2 EDA Replication Configuration Tool
    • U2 EDA Schema Manager
    • U2 Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin)
    • U2 Metadata Manager
    • U2 RESTful Web Services Developer
    • U2 XML/DB Mapping Tool

    These two packages are all available for public download from RBC | Rocket Software - just choose :
    • Resources 
    • Product Availability
    • Choose the Product and 'Search',  either for U2 DBTools or U2 Clients (these will always show as for Windows, though the JAVA clients are multi-platform)
    • Use the 'Product' link under the 'Downloads' column for the version required - this will usually be the latest version.
    • You will now have options to download the Product - which includes the Documentation - or the Documentation only,

    The UniObjects for Python client package (UOPY) is also available for public download from the Python commons: uopy
    PyPI remove preview
    UniObjects for Python (UOPY) is a Python package by Rocket Software. It is a client API that allows Python applications to access Rocket MV Databases over the network. $ pip install uopy Before using UOPY to connect to an MV Database, you must be running either a UniVerse or UniData server.
    View this on PyPI >

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