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  • 1.  FAQ's

    Posted 11-11-2021 08:56
    Below are the FAQ's which will provide the quick info on RocketCE
    • How RocketCE conda packages are useful?
    Rocket provides conda packages for Machine Learning through RocketCE. These conda packages are built and provided for installing on Power 9 and Power 10 machines having ppc64le architecture.
    • Where are RocketCE conda packages are located?
    RocketCE conda packages are available in anaconda rocketce channel ( .
    • What versions of Python are supported for RocketCE conda packages?
    Presently RocketCE conda packages are built on OpenCE version of 1.3.1 and is available and supported for Python 3.8.
    • What conda packages are available for RocketCE?
    RocketCE provides the following packages under anaconda rocketce channel
    1. Tensorflow
    2. Pytorch
    3. XGBoost
    4. OnnxRuntime
    • Are the RocketCE conda packages are available for both CPU and GPU?
    Present release of RocketCE for OpenCE 1.3.1 conda packages are available which supports only CPU. GPU supported packages will be available in early 2022.
    • When will the GPU packages are available?
    GPU supported packages are not available now and is targeted to be available by early 2022.
    • Where we can use the GPU Operator of Rocket?
    GPU Operator from Rocket is to be installed and used on IBM Power System of AC922 and IC922 having Openshift 4.8 and ppc64le architecture.

    Rajesh Nukala
    Rocket Internal - All Brands