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Rocket® MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) empowers teams to leverage modern languages and frameworks to access MV data and business logic. It incorporates a low-code/no-code approach that’s cloud-ready, and provides users with 24x7x365 connectivity. It can help you extend business opportunities, expand your workforce with younger developers, and get products to market faster.

To learn more about the product, visit the MultiValue Integration Server home page.

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  • MultiValue Integration Server is approaching the first anniversary of its launch, and the MVIS team continues to host webinars, write blog posts, and other technical content for customers and users. One such webinar following in the launch's wake is a ...

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  • Thank you for the suggestion, the good news is MVIS is based on Open API and our APIs can be consumed by any REST client app or managed through API management. Extending on that mobile and web apps that use MV APIs can be managed through any app store. ...

  • In the current age that demands very quick turn-around times to meet customer requirements, it is essential for every company to revisit all aspects of software development, including requirements gathering, development and deployment. In these times, ...

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  • Are you new to Rocket MultiValue Integration Server? This short video will get you on the way to creating your first MultiValue RESTful service. In a few steps you will learn how configure MVIS to add access to a UniData or UniVerse account, configure ...

  • Our new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server is the vehicle to expose MultiValue data and logic as RESTful services and enable integration with modern web applications and services. Watch this short video demonstrating how to easily leverage MultiValue ...

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  • Thanks Amey, That was very useful. I did find I needed to add a u2rest sub-directory to \data to get MVIS working smoothly, but now all works well. ------------------------------ Jonathan Evans MBS ------------------------------

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  • Mark Sapp is a Senior Software Engineer focusing on the developpment of the Rocket Business Connect system. While working on the RBC upgrade project, Mark had the opportunity to learn and work with MVIS, the MultiValue Integration Server. In this blog ...

  • When I joined Rocket Software in 2017 as the MultiValue Tools Senior Product Manager, I had no idea that I would have the chance to collaborate with some our most innovative customers, software developers and the marketing team within Rocket Software, ...


  • How to easily migrate U2 REST applications to Rocket MVIS

    This video provides a demo of migrating an existing U2 REST application to our new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS). Have you seen it?
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