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Rocket® D3 and mvBase solutions are integrated database and application development environments designed for transactional and analytical database applications. They combine scalable, flexible, seamless interoperability with connectivity and low overhead for system management and administration.

To learn how you can use D3 to solve critical problems and boost performance, visit the product home page.

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    RE: UTC Date format

    Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Thanks for your excellent suggestion, Chris. We have a similar arrangement in place for the Pay Period End Dates (PPED) for every pay fortnight. I found that because it is only updated once in a decade or so, the users forget the process is there and ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    I'm with you, Chris. Sadly, the original developers of our system used INCLUDES and COMMON extensively throughout the system. They are so firmly embedded that it is not possible to remove them without a complete rewrite of the system, something no one ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Just a heads-up: If you're on D3 Windows 10.3.2 and using D3PY to access D3 from Python, there is a bug in 10.3.3 that broke this unless you're using Connection Pool licenses. They're working on it, and I'll post when they fix it. Meanwhile, I'd stay ...

  • Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    All, Brian's suggestion did not work as is, but it got me thinking... here is what works: YEAR 001 S 002 0 003 YEAR 004 005 006 007 DY 008 G2$1 009 R 010 4 MONTH 001 S 002 0 003 MO 004 005 ...

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    RE: save pdf to DB

    Posted in: D3 and mvBase

    Hey, Craig! How's it goin'? Here's something in the HOSTS file documentation which shows an example of storing a hex-encoded binary in a D3 file. Let me know if this helps. Manipulating O/S binary files in BASIC No direct mechanism exists for ...


  • Rocket D3 10.3.3 Available Now

    As part of our commitment to develop, enhance and support our MultiValue products, the Rocket D3 R&D team has made a new version of D3 available, version 10.3.3. This latest release is what we call a maintenance release since it includes both bug fixes ...
  • Why upgrade D3

    Your business critical D3 app shows up to work every day. Here's why you should make upgrading to the latest version a priority:  Stability Security Performance Disaster Recovery Other new features
  • Now available | Rocket D3 10.3.2

    We’re excited to announce the release of Rocket® D3® 10.3.2 for Windows, AIX and Linux. This new release focuses on Python and is the release to be on if you’re interested in our new MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS). This new release delivers: The ...

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  • Rocketeer Kirsten Petersen, Information Developer for MultiValue products, recently penned a blog post on the merits of upgrading older versions of Rocket D3 to the latest version, 10.3. Data security, improved performance, wider compatibility, and terminal ...