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Welcome to the Rocket jBASE forum. This is where you can be inspired and get help unlocking the full value of the  jBASE development platform. Join and stay up-to-date on a broad set of conversations and topics related to the platform. Leverage your peers and Rocket experts to do your best work ever. Ask a question, jump into a conversation or start one of your own.

The Rocket jBASE solution is an integrated database and application development environment designed for transactional and analytical database applications. It combines scalable, flexible, seamless interoperability with connectivity and low overhead for system management and administration.

jBASE is comprised of development tools, middleware and a multi-dimensional database. jBASE takes the best points of the relational database model and adds to it several significant benefits including ease of use, superb performance, small footprint and all the rich MultiValue features.


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    thank you any ETA on when it will be available? I am not impatient just have a job interview for a jBase position and would love to have the trial version ebfore then to bone up as I have not used jbase in over 15 years and I remember the conversion ...

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    The following changes apply to the Windows installer for jBASE release 5.8: Compiler installation is treated as a prerequisite and is prompted for first. If compiler installation is skipped the user will receive a warning to confirm that this is ...

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    New in jBASE 5.8

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    Docker Containers jBASE is officially Docker certified! With a single command, you can pull down a working jBASE image from the Docker Hub and have your jBASE application up and running in a container. What used to take days can now be accomplished ...

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    When developing RESTful service APIs or server side code used for jRemote (e.g. ODBC) it can be cumbersome to use logging and/or temporary writes to a file to trouble shoot the send/receive messages in your jBC server side code. In jBASE 5.8, when you ...

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    If you have ever used D3 , you may have interacted with the PEQS file which contains the hold entries for print jobs. Out of the box, jBASE stores its hold entries in a header/detail style: The header can be found in jspool_log keyed ...


  • Rocket MV 2022 Product Lifecycle Announcement and New Product Lifecycle Policy

    On September 1st, 2022, Rocket MV announced Product Lifecycle updates.  These changes will have a one-year grace period and will take effect September 1, 2023.  You can find lifecycle status definitions and changes in product version statuses on RBC The ...