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 AccuTerm GUI conversion to the Web

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PARTNER Doug Averch posted 01-17-2023 12:30
Has anyone done this with a conversion program or by hand?
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ROCKETEER Peter Schellenbach
Hi Doug - AccuTerm Web includes AccuTerm GUI. The implementation is about 95%, and we are continuing to update the product. As much as possible, given browser constraints, we have implemented equivalent functionality in the web version so  you should be able to run a GUI app created using the desktop version in the browser.
Thanks, Pete
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PARTNER Doug Averch
So if you are running this in a browser do you have a telnet session running on your PC to service the browser calls?
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Kevin Hond
Peter, I noticed in your response you referred to "Accu Term Web". Is that an additional product or is the Accu Term product all inclusive?