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 Accuterm GUI lockup on windows 11

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Steve Caspers posted 03-21-2023 12:04

Just tried accuterm on a windows 11 machine and  it was working fine until an Accuterm GUI program is launched, then it opens the GUI form and freezes.

Anyone run into this and\or have a solution?

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Patricia Powell

This sounds similar to an issue that we were having with Accuterm FTD's after a recent Windows 11 update. Check that you are on the latest update of Accuterm, as that fixed the issue for us.

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Alberto Leal

Hy Are you using accuterm 8.0.1123 or greater, and have you update the FTBP ?

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Kevin Hond

Considering an evaluation copy. Thinking of switching from Wintegrate specifically for GUI and even WEB. I find this post disturbing.

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ROCKETEER Hernando Borda

Hi Steve,

What version of AccuTerm are you using? 8.0.1123 and 8.0.1127 work with Windows 11. I recommend you use the latest AccuTerm available in RBC. If you still have issues after upgrading it's best to open a support ticket.

Kind Regards,

Hernando Borda, Product Manager MV Tools

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Brian Speirs

Hi Steve,

I have been running W11 since MS decided to upgrade W10 without asking ... I didn't strike any issues so continued with W11. We use ATGUI programs extensively and have encountered no issues attributable to the O/S. Our users run a mixture of W10 and W11, and I'm not aware of any differences between them as far as AccuTerm is concerned.