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Kevin Hond posted 08-15-2022 10:19
Can anyone tell me if Unidata for windows will run on a chromebook laptop?
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Bill Brutzman
I very much doubt that UD will run on a chromeBook but _ for maybe five cents per month _ the ChromeBook could run U2 on AWS.
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John Jenkins

If you are able to load a full  Windows versions successfully with no errors or restrictions then the database should be fine as the databases are 'ported and certified on an Operating System, not to a hardware platform. Here is a reference I found regarding Chromebooks and Windows that might be useful, though please note that this is 'as found' as I  have no direct experience of the platform:


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PARTNER Richard Thiot
You will likely have a greater chance of success installing Linux on a Chromebook instead of Windows.  Would that then allow it to run Unidata, I don't have any idea.