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 D3 10.x disk and memory allocation

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PARTNER Stefano Gallotta posted 03-28-2024 01:10

I'm a little confused as to how D3 10.4 requires the .ini entry to be configured for disk and memory allocation.

Is the disk in MB or frames ( / 4096) or GB? Say I required an 80GB disk - what would I need to have as the disk size parameter in the .ini entry?

Also the total memory - again is it in MB / GB?

Say I wished a total of 6GB of main memory - what would the entry be on the .ini.

The install manual is a bit confusing and not that clear (IMO).



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Hi Stefano,

The VME disk is in  frames (4,096 bytes) - so my setting below resulted in a 4GB VME. I'm guessing memory is the same?

name                           = Disk0.d3
size                           = 1024000
offset                         = 0