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 Deleting a file from the iSeries IFS using LegaSuite (MX) scripting

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Jim Benedict posted 06-03-2022 09:34
We have a process on our iSeries that retrieves a customer bill image as a PDF document and stores the file on the iSeries in the IFS.
The URL of the iSeries and the folder containing the PDF documents is controlled by values in the LWM:PDFIP HTTP :// and
PDFIFSLOC PDF_FOLDER. We open the PDF using the following command from our script: URLOpen(gPdfUrl) where gPdfUrl = PDFIP + PDFIFSLOC + file.PDF.
(NOTE: the name of the PDF file (file.PDF) is passed to the iSeries from our GUI script). Question: Is there a way to issue a command from the GUI script
to delete this file from the IFS? Thank you in advance for any suggestions! Jim
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PARTNER Leon Brown


Under System Functions in the Help.

For files I create on the host system of the Web Engine that are web accessible I have in the message file DIREXPORT and WWWEXPORT.
ie: DIREXPORT =  /www/path/htdocs/ and WWWEXPORT =

As long as the profile starting the Web Engine hosted on IBM has permissions to the IFS Folder it should work.
If hosted on Windows, the profile used to connect to the mapped drive needs to have permissions.