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 Do PDF manuals exist?

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Tony Vitonis posted 01-31-2024 10:54

I find the Rocket TE web documentation hard to use, and I'd like to browse the doc offline. Do PDF manuals exist somewhere out there?

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Tony, If you are viewing the documentation from - you have the option to download the docs as PDF. There are icons on the top right corner of the doc you are reading , one is Download to PDF.

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Hi Tony -  I'd like to hear your feedback on the TE documentation, if you have time.  You can ping me directly, if you want.  We're always looking for constructive feedback to make things better. 

To add to what John said, here is a link to a topic illustrating how to use the Download to PDF options. 

In addition, I might suggest this video and related resources for using the documentation portal. There are a number of features there that might help you find and track the documentation you need.  Also, we'll have some additional features rolling out next week (Feb. 5), so stay tuned.