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 Excel VBA Macros in BlueZone/Convert to Passport

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Christopher Alexander posted 11-18-2022 11:08
Good morning all.

I've been given a series of VBA Macros to control BlueZone from Excel that work excellently for BlueZone. However, Passport is the software I've been given. I wanted to rewrite these macros to work with Passport. I have been able to see that recording a macro in BlueZone gives me external connection parameters (e.g.
Set System = CreateObject("BZWhll.WhllObj")​
) however, recording a macro in Passport gives me nothing of the like.

I read that Passport supports VBA macros with some tweaking of the recorded macros, but I can't find any documentation of exactly what or how to do this. Naturally I'm beginning to wonder if VBA macros can even control Passport or if I actually need BlueZone/TE. If anyone has any knowledge to get me started, I'd appreciate the guidance. Thanks!
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Hi Christopher,

If your company is currently licensed for PASSPORT, and are currently active on maintenance, then I strongly encourage that you migrate to Rocket Terminal Emulator at no additional cost. We are continually improving our Rocket Terminal Emulator products with new features and enhancements. However, if you wish to continue using PASSPORT, then yes, it does support VBA macros using PASSPORT's Object API, however, your license key must have the Object API enabled.

You need to replace: 

Set System = CreateObject ("BZWhll.WhllObj")


Set System = CreateObject ("PASSPORT.System")

If you have any further questions, please let us know.
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Hi Christopher, 

Just like most other programming languages on Windows, VBA allows to use any COM object. Each kind of terminal emulator has its own COM object for managing its sessions, and each such COM object can be used to talk to its terminal emulator only. Rocket Terminal Emulator (RTE in short, formerly BlueZone) 's COM object is compatible with most interfaces of PASSPORT COM object, so like my colleague Son pointed, you can just change the object string in your VBA code to access PASSPORT session, which means PASSPORT COM object will be used but you almost don't need to change your VBA code.

On the other side, RTE Desktop provides many more features in scripting aspect than PASSPORT.
* RTE Desktop provides built-in VBA support. It would be easy steps to move the VBA code in Excel to RTE VBA without any loss.
* RTE COM object provides many more methods and properties than PASSPORT
* Since 10.1.4, RTE Desktop can run PASSPORT macro (.zmc or .zam) without any code change and any PASSPORT installed.

Hope this helps.