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 Excel VBA Macros with PASSPORT PC to HOST DLL Issue

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Michael Valente posted 03-23-2023 18:24

Recently migrated to WIndows 11 and using PASSPORT PC to Host (64-Bit).  Excel macros failing with a Run-time error indicating "A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed".   The VBA line that is failing is as follows:

    Set app = New PASSOBJLIB.System

This worked before migrating to Windows 11.  Is there a way to address this issue that I'm experiencing?


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Hello Michael, 

Did you solve this problem?

You can go to Tools > References menu in VBA IDE to check if PASSOBJ 1.0 Type Library is checked. If not, you need to check it or click Browse button, find passobj.dll in the installation directory and add it to VBA references. If these still don't work, you may open command line, reregister this dll by the command regsvr32 passobj.dll.

In addition, please make sure Excel you are using is also 64bit version if passobj.dll is 64bit.

Hope this helps.



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Samuel Huynh


I have the same problem on VBA.

I've checked the references and I have the library checked and yet i still have the "class not registered" error

My excel is also 64 bit

Thank you in advance