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 External function using SQL pseudocode

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Melissa Swartz posted 04-17-2024 11:16

I am getting an error that is confusing me.

Searching the forum, I see that  not having the EXT ATTR = EXT is the most common reason for the CMS2361 error.    Is there a second most-common reason that I might be missing?   It has been a while since I've created one of these; it's possible I've forgotten a step.  Thank you so much for your time and help.


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ROCKETEER Newton Beckford


It sounds like the FUNCTN is defined to LMi as an EXT FUNCTN (Ext Attr = EXT) but it should be SQL (Ext Attr = SQL)  based on the SQL statements in the source member for the FUNCTN. Generally an External function would include an EXTERNAL NAME clause, does the source member include that statement? If not, you'll need to use option 16 to change the Ext Attr to SQL.

Otherwise, I would suggest opening a support case by sending an email to or call 781-577-4323 and providing the following.

  1. Use option 11 to print the LMi attributes.
  2. A copy of the source member.

Hope this helps.