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 How to Call Universe Subroutines in EF Core 6 with U2.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet Package?

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Rudolf Kotze posted 10-10-2023 10:30


I've also installed the U2.EntityFrameworkCore NuGet package and successfully set up basic queries using my DbContext. Now I've hit a roadblock trying to call Universe subroutines.

Problem Description

With basic CRUD operations functioning as expected using my DbContext, my next challenge is to call Universe subroutines. I can't seem to find clear documentation on how to achieve this when using the U2.EntityFrameworkCore package.

What You've Tried

I've gone through the U2 Toolkit documentation, but it doesn't cover EF Core 6 specific implementations. I've also attempted to manually execute the subroutines using various EF Core methods, without any success.


  1. Has anyone successfully called Universe subroutines using the U2.EntityFrameworkCore package with EF Core 6?
  2. What is the recommended approach for calling Universe subroutines in this setup?
  3. Are there any code samples or tutorials available that cover this specific scenario?

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