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 Inbound and Outbound REST

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Nelson Schroth posted 09-29-2022 14:05
I have created a REST service using MVIS, which will "listen" for inbound calls.
Can it also be used to send outbound REST calls, or would that require a U2 program to utilize BASIC host subroutines (like createSecureRequest, etc.)  outside of MVIS?
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PARTNER Frank Hanshaw
Yes, that's correct, sending is done with U2 programs.
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ROCKETEER Mike Rajkowski


There are a lot of ways to accomplish what you want, In addition to a BASIC program, the following is a list at a  high level. 

  1. MV BASIC program
  2. Executing curl statement
  3. Python call to mod that does the call
  4. MV Connect

Which you pick depends on the third party REST Service you are trying to access.  
i.e. If it has swagger docs, execute curl directly from pick basic EXECUTE using the sample from Swagger.