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 Installing curl on z/OS

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Mike Sine posted 08-11-2022 10:49
My apologies upfront as I am clueless about  the subject for which I'm about to request assistance.

I want to install curl on z/OS.  I've used curl on other platforms and am interested to install on z/OS.  I downloaded the package from the Rocket download site, I went to the readme, install,  and other docs and z/OS is mentioned only in the "list of operating systems" but not as an install location.  From looking through this forum, it appears that other tools are used to install this curl version on USS..z/OS?  I need "For Dummies" version of where to even begin to install curl on z/OS.  Any help would be appreciated.
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ROCKETEER Alexander Klochkov Best Answer

Hi Mike Sine,

1. you need to download and install miniconda, here are details on how to do it:

2. create a new environment with curl using miniconda, activate it and use the curl:
conda create -n curl_env curl -c
conda activate curl_env 
curl --help