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Kebbon Irwin posted 09-23-2022 13:27
Years ago, in a different forum, someone posted a proc/paragraph they called LSELECT that, as I recall, allowed you to take a select list of values for a specific attribute in a file and select all the records in that file that contained any of the values in the select list. It was very clever.
The machine I installed it on is long since off-line. If anyone else has it, I would love to recreate it on the machine I am on now.
BTW, i am using Unidata 8.1
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Ryan Ladd Best Answer

I am guessing this might be what you are looking for.

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Kebbon Irwin
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for sharing. Other than ECLTYPE P not liking a reference to the active select list as "0" and and needing to change a couple of [[]] references, it worked exactly as I hoped.