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 Making grid headers non-clickable

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Tim Giboney posted 12-20-2023 15:06

Hi, I'm new to the forum and didn't find an answer to this while searching. I am using MX Web workbench 10.2.1. We have the column features enabled (show/hide, draggable, etc...) and we have an icon in our header that the user clicks when they want to work with those features. 

Additionally, we've decided to allow users to open custom context menus when clicking in the grid. The idea is that wherever a user clicks the context menu opens. This works great except it opens when the headers are clicked...and also when that icon (considered a background image) is clicked as well. This causes our context menu to open over the one that is already integrated into the source function of the grid and hides part of the info.

Working in Chrome with dev tools, the only ID I can find is the name of our grid (LIST) and then all the different classes assigned. The problem I'm running into by eliminating those classes from being clickable is that (and this is where I'm confused) they are dynamically named and its just not working.

Does anyone know of a more simple or effective way to work around this so that our context menu either a) doesn't open on the headers at all or b) doesn't open when that background image is clicked? Thanks in advance!

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ROCKETEER Roger Van Valen

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

The menu IDs used to be quite dynamic indeed. In recent releases changes have been made to make the menu IDs consistent.
In the release notes of version 10.4.0 you will see that issue LS-38355 has been addressed to make the menu items consistent.
In version 10.4.1 another fix on menu ids was done (LS-39733).

Perhaps you can give version 10.4.1 a try and see if this helps you to find a solution.

If not, then please raise a case through the customer portal so our support team can have a look at your solution and work with you to achieve the goal you are looking for.

Best regards,

Roger van Valen