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 Menu key/application key in Windows

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Michael Simpson posted 07-23-2022 03:51
When using the rocket 3270 emulator, it's not unusual for me to press the above key (immediately to the left of the right-hand Ctrl key) by mistake.
Is there a way of switching this off completely in the emulator? (To my recollection, I've never once ever wanted to use this key deliberately).
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ROCKETEER ShaoGeng YI Best Answer
Hi Michael,

You can disable Apps/Menu key using Microsoft PowerToys, see the screenshot below. You can refer to disable-windows-key-using-powertoys for more details.

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Michael Simpson
Thank you. I realise that I forgot to include an important piece of information (my bad).

This problem is at work, and we're not allowed to install non-approved software, so, unfortunately, your suggestion won't fly.
But thank you nonetheless.