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 Modulo size error recovering backup on UniVerse Personal Edition

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Daniel Gallo posted 09-20-2022 14:53

I'm trying to put a copy of my production database into my Windows Personal Edition UniVerse and it´s giving the message below:

C:\U2\UV\TEST>uvrestore -i \ftp\temp\IPL.LOCb

Backup Date   : Mon Sep 19 16:50:01 2022
Reel Number   : 1
Compression/Encryption: Off
Image Type    : Full Backup (ver10 UNIX)
Block Size    : 8192 bytes
NLS on        : False
FastWrite On  : False
Label         : IPL Data

Current device(s): \ftp\temp\IPL.LOCb
 IPL.LOC (Sep 19 14:50:01)
File "IPL.LOC" has modulo 160309 which is > 10007.
Please resize it to modulo <= 10007 in order to use it in Personal Edition.
 IPL (Sep 19 14:59:20)
File "IPL" has modulo 145661 which is > 10007.
Please resize it to modulo <= 10007 in order to use it in Personal Edition.

Total files: 0  Total bytes : 0  Elapsed Time: 00:00:03
0 operating system files processed, 0 broken, totalling 0 data bytes.
0 UniVerse files processed, 0 corrupted.
0 UniVerse records processed, 0 corrupted, totalling 0 data bytes.
0 extended keys processed, 0 not supported at specified revision level.



Any advise on how could make this work? The backup was made with the uvbackup command on AIX and I think it didn't have a parameter to specify the modulo size.


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ROCKETEER Jonathan Smith Best Answer

The PE version has an inbuilt maximum modulo for any file and it is that limit that you are breaching. The only way to restore the file via uvrestore is to reduce the file size before taking the uvbackup. The PE version is supposed to be for personal use and training and not for commerical development and the reduced file size limit is one way of enforcing this. If you wish to use a version of UV that does not have this restriction then you should look to talking to your account manager at Rocket and order a development version.